French music!


I’m listening to this awesome cover of “Oh What A Night” and it’s in French and it’s actually making me dance in my chair right now, which is causing me (apparently) to write an incredibly long run-on-esque sentence because it just seems to fit the chairdancing vibe right now.  Et fin!

This is quite plainly the best day off I’ve maybe ever ever had.  I graded, I met with friends, I had a crazydance party with myself in my house once I figured out no one was home so I could turn up the music ALL THE WAY, I’m gonna make a pie now, and I was outside (OUTSIDE!) while it was actually nice out.  And so, so nice it was.  And is!  I’ve got the door all open and the sun shining in and ohmygodireallyneededadayoff.  This is precious.  Precious!

I’m trying to spread the 200-W-A-D virus.  It’s hard to tell whether the results are positive or not.  I want to point out right now that I fully realize that writing 200 words a day really NEEDN’T mean actually publishing 200 words a day, yet I continue to puke this stuff onto this here blog, kinda like when a kid knows they’re being annoying but they sorta can’t help themselves.  Sorry everyone!  And there’s really no effective way of scolding me out of it, either, so don’t try!  Owwwwwww!  (That’s not an “I’m hurt” ow, but a Michael Jackson “Owwwwwwww!”, soon to be followed by “Sha-mon,” and “Talk to me!”  Owwwwwwww!)

Ben Folds is whispering through his donut at me, but I’m not going to stop blogpuking OR chairdancing for HIM either!  Look out!

The Temptations ain’t too proud to beg me to stop this weird ramblevomit, but I ain’t havin’ THAT, either!  Watch me now!

I just want to clarify; when I’m talking about crazydancing, I mean the kind you don’t do in public.  It was a riot of fun.  I almost had to call the cops.  On ME!  Zow!

And when I’m talkin’ about pie, I’m talkin’ about PUMPKIN PIE.  Eat it!

This is the most fun I’ve ever had blogging!  EVER!  You cain’t hurry blogging, NO, you’ve got to trust in time no matter how LONG it takes!


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  1. 1 J

    391! Not that anybody’s counting! Sha-mon!

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