Oh my gosh, I just realized that I can put a poll on here.  I’m totally doing that.  Then the two of you can weigh in.

That’s pretty much the coolest thing I’ve ever done.  Still!  Not two hundred words.  So let’s go…

My kids today (9th graders) worked on tableau, a strategy I’ve always sort of hated, to be honest, because I hate acting myself and figure it’s probably equally torturous for them.  But it’s been really interesting today because they friggin’ LOVE it.  You tell them it’s kind of like frozen acting and they are so tremendously into it.  They worked hard to prepare, actually REHEARSED, and didn’t do a terrible job all in all.

Other than that, I’m pretty dang tired today.  I stayed up late after a long day yesterday, which was smart, so today I’m totally dragging ass.  and having a hard time filling up my 200 words consequently.  I mean, with any sort of substance.  Ugh, still only 163.

Update: There are two–make that three–kids in my third hour class that seriously make me not enjoy this class.  What does one do with kids that they truly don’t like?  I don’t like not liking kids.

And I’m really tired.  Did I mention that?  And the kids are driving me nutso.



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