It’s official…


My blog is at the top of the results when one googles “meaty rill”!  Nice!  I’m thinking of retitling the blog in honor of that little revelation.  Many thanks to whomever made this happen.  Also: What on earth is a “meaty rill”?  I’m hoping that all those poor souls out looking for “meaty rills” on the internets find what they’re looking for.  Right here.

So this is day two of the 200-W-A-D challenge.  So far, I think I’m doing swimmingly.  Meaty rills abound!  Now, I’m not sure that part of the deal was that you have to write something of substance.  Whate’er.  One step at a time here.

And now I have a question: I’ve been looking into whether punctuation should go within quotation marks even when it’s something like this:

  • What on earth is a “meaty rill?”  In this case, it makes it sound as though the question mark is part of the “meaty rill,” which I’m certain can’t be right.  But this is what the punctuation Experts tell me.  What say YOU?
  • Here’s another example: I’m really excited about the song “The Bitch Went Nuts!”  That exclamation point isn’t in the song.  What do I do?????  Also, do I need a comma after “song” in the above sentence?  I don’t know!!!!!!

I would truly appreciate my extensive readership to help me out on these, as my heretofore superior punctuary skills are suffering due to the regular butchery they endure at the hands of my students, whose papers I must read, and read, and read.  Help help!

I also need a lightweight book selection suggestion.  Something not totally vapid, but easy enough to get through that I can sustainedly read it during the school year.  Thank you.  291!


3 Responses to “It’s official…”

  1. 1 L

    What on earth is a “meaty rill”?

    I’m really excited about the song “The Bitch Went Nuts”!

    Yeah, no comma, exclamation point/question mark outside the quotation marks. That’s right.


  2. 2 J

    That’s what I thought, too, but is there some kind of a general rule that I can articulate to defend my usage of quotation marks thusly?

  3. 3 L

    Well, the question mark/exclamation point isn’t in the thing being quoted, so it shouldn’t be inside the quotation marks. Yeah?

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