200-Words-A-Day Challenge


So I went to this writing conference this weekend in which the speaker, a published writer and high school teacher, talked about the importance of making time to write.  He does it by committing himself to writing 200 words a day.  That sounded easy-ish to me, and so… I’ve decided to take up the challenge!

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!  Two hundred words a day!  (I’m not sure how to punctuate to indicate monster-truck-rally voice, but, you know, work it out.)

Of course, I missed yesterday.  And Sunday.  And Saturday, if we’re going to start splitting hairs here.  Lay off!  To begin the 200-Words-A-Day challenge, I think I’d like to write about… (write what you know write what you know) conferences.

We had parent-teacher conferences last night.  I think all but one went quite well.  I actually heard parents saying that their kids’ writing was improving, and that their kids enjoy my class, and, in one case, even one parent saying that her kid said I was a good teacher (Awwww!).  I’ve had a bit of teacher-prowess-insecurity this year, so this was a pleasantly awesome way of ending the first quarter.  On another note, however, parent-teacher conferences often make me feel like a bit of a heel, as I generally schmooze quite effectively, and doing so makes me feel dirty sometimes.  At any rate, I’ve got more conferences coming up tomorrow night, so hopefully those go well as well.  Cross fingers, wish good luck, omit unnecessary words, achieve marginal coherency!

I suppose I ought not to gloss over the one that went poorly, though.  I have a student who missed a ton of class at the beginning of the year and is finally getting caught up.  That wasn’t the problem, though; the problem was how her parents started RAILING on her about how using an outline was a good idea in her writing, and she started getting super defensive and generally doubting her own writing ability to the point that I had to intervene and assure her that she was, in fact, doing some things really well in her writing (she’s unusually analytical for a person of her age) and that we’d work out the things she needed to improve upon.  I thought she was going to cry.  It was so, so bizarre.

I think that’s far more than 200 words.  Job done for the day!


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    394, suckas!

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