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The tumor hasn’t killed me yet.  Still alive!  I’m determined to have a rad day today, mostly because I had a bit of a shit day yesterday, and I’ve been thinking lately about how I don’t want to waste my days, even when it’s so tempting to do so (cough school year cough) because I’m […]

Sick Day


For the record, I DO feel sick–to my stomach, in particular–and I AM pretty sure that the 16-hour migraine I had yesterday is going to come back today, and I AM feeling exhausted from plowing through school migraine in tow yesterday.  However, if I’m feeling well enough to do my 200 words this early in […]

I know.  I KNOW.  I oughtn’t blog when I’ve nothing to say.  I’ve even SAID this to myself/you before.  But now it’s like I can’t stop.  Particularly when I’m avoiding grading. I know.  I KNOW.  I need to lay off the polls.  The novelty will wear off soon, I’m sure.

I’m going to a concert in a few minutes (FC Wind Symphony–which is cool, though I wish it were a real symphony [you know, with strings and such] because I am a sucker for the strings, but no offense of course intended L because I’m sure it’s actually going to be really fantastic and who […]



Two days now, I’ve missed my 200 words.  This?  Is a massive fail.  I even THOUGHT about it last night and was all, “I don’t feel like writing!” so I didn’t do it.  I suppose I was worried that I’d write about NOTHING, like I am about to (and, to be accurate, like I’m already […]



COMPLETELY forgot to write yesterday.  Bummer.  And I was doing so well! Here’s another interesting search term that led people to el blog here: “fwhat to write in a first time mom’s car”.  Why on earth are people searching for these things?  Also, fwhat brings us together.  Thank goodness for typos!  Let it be known […]

I’ve got a horrible headache and all I really want to do with my evening is go to bed and/or read The Borrowers Afield in the bath, but alas, I made this ridiculous fucking commitment to writing 200 words a day and well that’s just fucking great! I had fucking inservice all day today at […]