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So, Spirit Week is winding down…or it’s not, actually, but I am.  I’m trying to get through the rest of it and finding myself at this weird place where it’s sort of finally sinking in that second year teaching is harder than first year teaching.  Here’s what it’s like: I played volleyball with some other […]

Well, in case I don’t preserve it in the published version, I should mention that my tentative working title for this post is ramble-tastic blogpuking, which is about where I’m at right now.  I’m fucking emotional right now and I HATE being emotional; I’m overtired; my students hate my class; my goddamned FEET are cold; […]



Things I evade: Grading Phonecalls Sleep Wisdom Adulthood Putting my mom’s birthday card in the mail (I know, I know…) Fixing my car The Dentist Actual blogging (vs. list-making)