First day of school…blues? Nah.


Alrighty, folks!  The time is nearly come.  Tomorrow I get real actual students “who study” again.  I feel…redundant!  And…redolent?  Actually have no idea what that word means!  Let’s look it up:  SMELLY! Or suggestive.  Oooh la la, that’s me.  Apparently.

My room’s all gussied up, my 9th English lesson plans are written, I’ve got rosters and stickynotes and…basically, I just need students.  My classes, unfortunately, are super hugenormous this year.  28, 28, 30, 28, 32 (!), and, weirdly, 18.  Guess who’s my favorite already!

Seriously, though, I’m wondering about the implications of being the only adult in the room with 30 (30!) 14-year-olds.  Might they start me on fire?  Or just sort of squirrel me to death?  Perhaps they’ll drama me into paralysis.  Nah, I’m just joshing.  I like freshmen–they’re cute and generally sort of innocuous and sometimes really curious and not too jaded yet and willing to try stupid stuff occasionally.  But, so, so many of them…It does worry me.

Other than that, I’m just excited to be back.  It’s nice to have something to think about besides myself, and it feels like an adventure already, even though the students would laugh and point to hear me say it.  That’s the ultimate irony of teaching: No matter how excited you get about it, school is still just school for kids, and you’re still just Part of the Problem OR a hopeless has-been.  Oh well; if they’re getting SOMETHING out of what I’m doing, then they can go ahead and think I’m The Man and a huge, washed-up nerd.  Other than the washed-up part, they’re probably right anyway!  Good on them for their superb analytical skillz!


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