End of Summer Inventory


Summer ends soon.  It feels over already, actually.  I’m not exactly sure what to do about that, except that there’s of course NOTHING I can do about it, so…nothing, I guess, is the answer to that nonquestion.

I went to school today to work on planning 9th English, which seems like it’s in danger of being the course I don’t really care about.  Today helped with averting that particular disaster, actually, but did not help me in other ways.  For instance, I’m going to have to chuck a lot of what I did last year, which means more work for me.  But I’m more excited about the new work than I was about regurgitating the old, so the extra time will be worthwhile?  Alas, the life of a semi-dedicated teacher.  Never a moment’s rest and all that.

I’ve read a lot of books this summer, or it feels like I have.  Not sure I’m exactly any smarter or any better of a person (how elitist to suggest that reading makes us better people!) but I suppose I’m different because of it.   Though I think I’m different because of a lot of the goings-ons of this summer, which is just sort of de riguer when it comes to life, right?

I went skydiving, and while it did make me feel strong/brave, I feel a lot stronger/braver when I do something substantive that has some sort of meaningful result for someone besides just me.  I think.

I watched some seriously meaningless, sexist-ass movies.  I promised to write a scathing analysis of one of said movies, but haven’t thus far.

I watched a commercial that assured me, “We’re a nation of consumers–and there’s nothing wrong with that!”

I punched out this guy in a bar.  Well, no.

A few of my really good friends moved away.   I don’t like that.  Bright side: I don’t have to feel bad for neglecting them for the next nine months?

I dunno folks, at the end of the summer I feel a little bit frizzled and somewhat less responsible and sort of exhausted and slightly overwhelmed.   But I’ll probably feel better after I eat some dinner.  Did I neglect to include “hungry” in that list?  Anyway, I think I’ll blog better when school starts.  This narcissistic slop is for the birds.


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