OMG Teaching!!!


I. Am. So. Excited.

So, I’ve been willfully denying my identity as an educator all summer long. La dee da, drinking. La dee da, swearing. La dee da, not thinking about teaching EVER. It has been awesome. I feel like a slightly troubled but definitely alive and complex person again.


I decided that the day I’ve been dreading needs to happen…today. That’s right, time to start planning College Comp. Recently, I found out that I had even more changes to make to the class than I’d originally thought, so I figured I ought to get cracking now or risk really sucking it up come August 19th-ish. “Oh, woe and fright, I have to go back to that shit,” I says to myself. “Boo, teaching. Teaching is for the birds. I don’t wanna teach.”


God, I love planning! I forgot how much fun it is to figure out how to make something meh into something FREAKING AWESOME, as far as assignments and activities go. I’m at that wonderful stage in which I can see all the benefits and none of the potential shittiness of the genius plans I’m writing up. “I AM BRILLIANT, AND KIDS ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS!!” I shouts crazily to myself!

So, apparently the healing rays of the summer sun have at last coaxed the delectable fruit of creative teaching energy from the weird-looking plant-thingy that is me. The engorged streams of the Free Time river have washed the accumulated detritus of bad teaching experiences gone by from the shores of my now glossy, unencumbered memory. Apparently nothing can be done about the canker of my predisposition to write bad, mixed metaphors, however. (Though metaphoring at all is really not my bag, so perhaps this is a mutant side-effect of the process?)

I friggin’ love teaching, youguys. Bring on the students.


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