Summertime, -time, -time…


So I’ve been waking up lately, early-esque, with guilt/panic feelings, like I have all these things to do and I’m not doing them.  That feeling?  Is a total lie.  FUCK!  It is summer, I SO DO NOT have responsibilities to attend to!  So that’s irritating.  Make it stop.

This week has been the week of keeping up with (former) students, now that the mom-n-aunties are safely back in Minnesota.  Did I not mention their visit?  It hurt my liver.  It was also a lot of fun–they’re all very spirited and generous and I miss them now.  Anyway, the (former) students are doing pretty well, it appears.  I had coffee with one, then another, and have been internetsily communicating with a few others.  I’d like to have something more interesting to say about that, but mostly it made me feel dull and made me like them more, because it’s got to be some seriously good kids to be actively keeping in touch with their friggin’ English teacher, after all.  I think I’m going to start referring to my own poor grammar usage as “summergrammar.”

I miss Matt.  I keep sort of teetering on the boundary between mainstreamia and my normal life, and it makes me a little confused about exactly what I want to do and think, and whether the quiet in the house is a good thing or a bad thing… I seem to be more focused when he’s around.  I think he and I exist more soundly in the “my normal life” realm when we’re together, so I don’t feel so teeter-y.  I do, however, just miss him being around and us spending time together beyond the effect he has on my focus.  I just talked to him on the phone and it was real good.  He gets my shit.

My goddamned tomatoes have some kind of virus, and I am seriously going to go apeshit on the bindweed and aphids which, I read, are the likely culprit of transmitting said virus.  Stay the FUCK away from my tomato plants.

I swear more in the summertime.  Summervocab.

Oh yeah, and I’ve been eating ham and turkey and eggs and cheese and such, and I feel like total hell from it, so I’m quitting.

Ugh, this is one of those irritating “what I’ve been up to” posts, and I kind of hate reading them, so I’m not sure why I’m making you do so.  I guess I feel like writing/communicating, but I’m not sure I have anything particularly compelling to say.  Such is the nature of summerbrain: rambling,  mildly incoherent, only marginally relevant…


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