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So I’ve been waking up lately, early-esque, with guilt/panic feelings, like I have all these things to do and I’m not doing them.  That feeling?  Is a total lie.  FUCK!  It is summer, I SO DO NOT have responsibilities to attend to!  So that’s irritating.  Make it stop. This week has been the week of […]

I wrote the creative nonfiction piece below several years ago, but it explains better than my previous post why fish are sometimes just not okay.  Why am I fixated on fish (again)? Maybe there’s some strange psychological symbolism to it all… What’s so scary about fish, anyway? 1. Fish in your cereal. I’m not talking […]



Alright, here’s my newest epiphany about stuff.  If you know me, you know I’ve been having a little bit of psychological/metaphysical itchiness as of late, and I’ve tried working out exactly what’s up with that, but now I think I’ve got it.  At least in part.  But not really.  If you hate this kind of […]

So I just spent a couple of minutes trying to remember exactly what is jumping now in the song “Summertime.” Frogs? Sure. Frogs jump in the summer. I’ve had some recent frog trauma, though, so I wasn’t exactly wanting that to be the correct lyric. When the actual correct lyric came to me, I felt […]