Spring Break f’rill!


Yo yo yo!   Actually, probably one ‘yo’ is sufficient, as my spring break has been spent not in some exotic tropical local with Adonises (Adoni?  Adoneese?) serving me innocuous, coconut-laced drinks but in the frozen wasteland that is southwest Minnesota, living out my dream of being totally dependent upon my middle-aged parents, eating lots of starchy, meaty, starchy-meaty foods and watching tons of daytime television.  Magnificent!  Actually, I’ve been feeling just the slightest bit trapped and wondering when I’m going to go somewhere other than Minnesota when I have time off.  Damn this loving family gig! LOVE IS A PRISON, Y’ALL.

Anyway, I went to a benefit for the local hospice with my parents tonight whereat (a real word? spellcheck says yes) I drank too much wine, threatened to punch a couple of people, then tried to goad my dad into bidding on a scooter for me.  Alas, he thought it too risky for me to scooter my way the 14 miles from Fort Collins to Windsor every day, and vocalized head injury nightmares that were obviously ungrounded, as I don’t so much as walk anywhere without wearing a helmet (the last bit which is, of course, patently untrue).  Anyway, I’m the only person at my school tough enough to scooter it to school.  SCOOTS UNITE!

In unrelated updates:  Matt’s grandpa died, but totally on his own terms, cussing out the nurses/doctors the whole way.  It seems like a suitable, guns-a-blazing end to the whole affair.  The funeral’s next Tuesday, as the minister was busy until then.  Doesn’t that seem a bit absurd? 

 Updates totally unimportant to the viewing public: I can’t find my senior yearbook, and I’m quite honestly a bit distraught.  I sort of promised my seniors that I’d let them have a look-see at it if I got 60% of their senior pictures by the end of the year, and now they’ll be left to call me a goddamned liar and rue, rue the day.  I am fortune’s fool!  Except not, for of course the joke’s on them.  I get pictures, they get no (potentially humiliating) recompense from me!  Suckas.

 I’ve been reading their Think Pieces today.  *Yawn*.  Sorry, but there are only so many ways to say, “Utopias can’t exist,” “One person’s utopia is another person’s dystopia,” etc.  In fact, there’s only one good way to say each of the things in quotation marks above, and I just said it.  I think I’m going to read them an excerpt from a Derrick Jensen book I’ve been reading (Walking on Water) before they turn in their next papers–I’ll post that excerpt next time so this reference isn’t totally lost on y’all, but it has a lot to do with the theme don’t bore the reader.  Because, though I love my seniors with much sincerity, those Think Pieces were boring, yo, and they need to take some friggin’ responsibility for entertaining me.

 I miss the Fort.  Coming home tomorrow.  Sounding a bit like a frat boy tonight.



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